Hollywood film locations where Scotland has looked its best

Hollywood film locations where Scotland has looked its best

From Braveheart to Batman, Hamlet to Harry Potter, Scotland has provided the backdrop to a vast number of films.

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The streets of Glasgow and Edinburgh have been transformed for Hollywood blockbusters, and dramatic highland landscapes have brought atmosphere to countless cinema classics.

A new guidebook, Set in Scotland, features more than 150 films that have been shot in Scotland, with details of more than 100 locations.

VisitScotland hopes it will provide inspiration for screen tourists - film or TV fans who visit locations after watching their favourite franchises.

Here are some of the films that have immortalised Scottish settings on the big screen.



Let"s start with the big one. Mel Gibson"s 1996 epic about 13th century Scottish hero William Wallace was a box office smash. Filmed around Glen Nevis, the sweeping landscapes that were the setting for the brutal historic battles sparked a wave of Scottish screen tourism in the 1990s.

Harry Potter

The Glenfinnan Viaduct in Lochaber was an iconic Scottish landmark long before Harry Potter. But 2002"s Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets attracted swathes of fans to the West Highland Line, eager to catch a view of the Hogwarts Express steam train. It brought a new, much younger, generation of screen tourists to Scotland.

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