Kenya senate begin hearings over hospital negligence

Kenya senate begin hearings over hospital negligence

Kenya"s senate health committee has begun hearing testimonies from citizens whose relatives have died from alleged negligence in top public hospitals.

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The nine-member committee will listen to the mother of a two-year-old boy who died while waiting for treatment at the Kenyatta National Hospital for more than 24 hours.

Travis Maina, who passed away on 11 October, had a gardening fork lodged in his skull.

The tool was firmly lodged in the toddler"s skull after his brother hit him with it while playing.

His mother, Judy Muthoni, says it is still not clear how a playful moment between her three children turned tragic.

She blames the death of her son on negligence by doctors and nurses at the hospital.

The management denies claims there was negligence on its part, saying it acted swiftly to save the situation.

Kenyatta hospital, which is the largest referral hospital in East and Central Africa, has been in the spotlight several times over negligence.

Just last year, a court ordered the hospital to pay $2,000 (£1,730) to the family of a patient who died at the facility eight years ago as a result of negligence.

It’s also the same hospital where in 2018, a neurosurgeon performed a brain surgery on the wrong patient.

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